When Buckley Bay was abandoned in the 1930s, one of the buildings was an abandoned grocer's shop. In the early 1990s four men named Benjamin, Elgin, Geoff, and Patrick began squatting there. While seeming to make a living by hunting and trapping, they were Sons of Liberty and were smuggling Nagants from Russian Alaska and then mailing them all over the North American Union.

In 1995, Colonel Thomas Bushell came to Buckley Bay to arrest and question the four both about the smuggling and their suspected connection to the theft of The Two Georges. At the time, they had two dozen rifles and several crates of ammunition awaiting mailing and so the Sons put up stiff resistance. However, the Royal Marines and RAMs succeeded in killing three and capturing the fourth.

After the gunfight, Bushell and Capt. Samuel Stanley searched the building. In addition to the rifles hung neatly in nails driven into the walls, they found a small metal chest filled with Russian gold roubles. While incriminating, this did not help in the search for the The Two Georges. The only documents were unhelpful propaganda pamphlets. However, there was also no rubbish and so Bushell and Stanley sought out the Sons' trash in another building. There they found, mixed with the usually kitchen waste, a number of letters and envelopes including a particularly relevant one mailed from The Six Nations.