Fictional Character
First Appearance: Book of Revelation
Author: John the Apostle (traditional attribution)
Turtledove Appearance: "Ils ne passeront pas"
Nationality: The Abyss
Race: Demon
Date of Death: 1916 (in Turtledove's version)
Cause of Death: Machine-gunshot wounds (in Turtledove's version)
Occupation: King of Locusts
Affiliations: Satan's minions

Abaddon, from a Hebrew word meaning Destroyer, was king of the locusts which rose at the sounding of the fifth trumpet as described in the Book of Revelation at the end of the Christian Bible. Apollyon is his Greek name, and both names have been used often in works of popular culture, where he is frequently conflated with Satan.

Abaddon in "Ils ne passeront pas" Edit

At the Battle of Verdun, Abaddon took several forms, including those of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, before he was machine-gunned to death by both French and German troops, each believing Abaddon to belong to the other side.

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