The American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command, code name ABDACOM, was a short-lived, supreme command for all Allied forces in South East Asia, in early 1942, during the Pacific War in World War II.

Members Edit

ABDACOM in Days of InfamyEdit

ABDACOM was no match for the Japanese Army and Navy and was soundly defeated. Kenzo Takahashi wondered if the English language would be driven out of the Pacific after hearing news of ABDACOM's constant defeats in the East Indies.

ABDACOM in The War That Came EarlyEdit

ABDACOM was formed in the wake of the Japanese attack on the US and European powers in the Pacific in January 1941. Its prime task was to prevent the Japanese from taking the Dutch East Indies. On land, the forces of the Dutch, British, Americans and the Australians proved unable to stop the IJA.

A joint naval venture launched by the British, Americans and Dutch in an attempt to stop the Japanese from landing on the island of Borneo was the only offensive operation launched by the joint alliance, but it failed due to lack of coordination. After this defeat, the Japanese managed to cut the East Indies in two, separating the US in the east, from the British in the west.

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