"The Fleetlord's Face" was a song by American musician Spike Jones, recorded during the Race Invasion of Tosev 3. It was a comical swipe at Atvar, the fleetlord of the Race's Conquest Fleet. The song's refrain was as follows:

When the Fleetlord says, "The Earth is for the Race,"
We SSS! SSS! right in the Fleetlord's face!
When the Fleetlord says, "We rule the Earth from space,"
We SSS! SSS! right in the Fleetlord's face!

The song was quite popular, even among Race expatriates who'd become U.S. citizens after the invasion. Former Shiplord Straha liked it because it gave him another way to mock Atvar, his longtime nemesis.

See also Musical References in Turtledove's Work#"Der Führer's Face"

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